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Oh my gosh XD


Monster High Frankie Stein - Custom OOAK Repaint, Reroot and Outfit

Available for Adoption —Just in time for Halloween!

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There’s thousands of notes on posts about how unfair it is that there isn’t a wonder woman movie and now that its been officially announced nobody is talking about it?

Like Can I get at least a hell yeah?




Former Ghibli animator Hiroshi Shimizu will be the animation director of canadian “Urbance” TV series.
But the project still need support on Kickstarter :

Please spread the Urbance love! I literally need this project to get funded!




Ok guys can we have a chat about coding?

Coding is when characteristics of certain people/groups are applied to entities in media, oftentimes nonhuman characters. This is often a sort of subtle allegory to make a point or present a counterpart in a fantasy setting. Sometimes it takes the form of “monster culture,” where these stereotypical characteristics are applied to villains to demonize certain groups (you see this a lot with villains who take on stereotypical traits of marginalized groups such as LGBT people, or Jewish people for example). Sometimes it’s simply allegory.

Let’s look at these images as examples. Garnet is an alien with brown skin, an afro, and voiced by black english singer Estelle. So, it’s clear to see she’s coded as a black woman in spite of being an alien. The picture next to that is from the PBS kids show Arthur, portraying two characters in Senegal. They’re clearly animals, but they’re also Senegalese, so it can be inferred they’re coded as black Africans. They are relatives of another character on the show, The Brain, who is a bear. But in the show, he has family in Africa, and celebrates kwanzaa. It can be inferred he’s black as well.

Then Sagwa. This is about a family of siamese cats who lives in China sometime around the era of the Qing dynasty (I believe). They work for a magistrate and make calligraphy with their tails. They’re cats, but are coded by their environment and characterization as being Chinese. 

And the list goes on (The Between the Lions lions being African, Rosita and Quetzal being Mexican, etc)

So there’s a problem when you see a character like Garnet and go “she’s not black, she’s a gem!” Sure, in a literal sense. But she’s clearly CODED as a black woman. 

This ALSO plays into why you can’t arbitrarily assign certain coding to certain things and not take context and connotations into account. 

I hope this made sense.

yeah but they don’t have to be mexicanthey could be cuban or spanish or brazilianpls don’t catagorize all of the hispanics to just mexican.”

an understadable issue but!! i say mexican specifically for a reason

quetzal is named after the Aztec deity quetzalcoatl and has been referred to as having mexican coding on other sites such as the show’s wikipedia page. and if memory serves the show’s two main human characters are also canonically mexican.

rosita is much more clear cut, specifically stated in sesame street canon to be a monster who comes from mexico. 

thank u for this

Did some work on Revoltech Mae Today…


The positive reaction I got to my progress on Mae Tallick inspired me to space her arm joints up better, and after some tweaking, I think her arms are about done and ready for paint and whatnot:


There was also interest in a tutorial on how I did this, which I won’t really be able to do full-on until I get my Mimi Merize (which might be my next credit card purchase, but that will have to wait until next month), but I can offer some hints of sorts. First, I got the joints from Hobby Link Japan (, just search under “revolver joints”, though at last check, they were all on back-order)

Second, I dis-assembled her right arm:


The parts with the joints still attached have been super-glued, to make posing easier (it’s also based off MH joint-placement; if it works, why mess with it?)

Lastly, some close-ups of the tweaking I did to the holes to promote a more snug fit:




Admittedly, the left hand looks pretty shoddy when photographed with a digital microscope setting; I’ll clean it up when I do finishing touches (after the legs, which are going to be a whole different ball game >.>)

Hope this helps!

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It’s back!

Oh wow that’s cute.



i tried redesign of apples “beachwear”. with the polka dots i couldnt help thinking minnie mouse and pin up. so i went pin up inspired.
im not proclaiming to be an expert in female swimwear. but who in there right mind would were a mesh collar and tutu to the beach. 
and where are the apple shaped sunglasses?. this is the perfect opportunity for them.

This is so much cuter and I I would 100% buy Mirror Beach Apple if she looked like this.

Hell yeah!


Found at another so cal toys r us.




Mirror Beach (Glass Lake) promo pics.

Apple White

Ashlynn Ella

Madeline Hatter

At least Maddie has a neck now.


Spring Unsprung Lizzie’s head.
Novi Stars - Doe A. Deer 09 by bedofdeadleaves on Flickr.